Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kissimmee Florida Pontiac Show

I just got off the phone with Mark and got a full report on the GTO in Kissimmee Florida today at the Pontiac Show. First off the car show got rained on almost all day. He pulled the car out for display and it was already drizzling rain. Very soon after he got it out it started raining. He was not even able to pull out his new CNG GTO sign. But the best thing about it today was the people. It always makes it worth it to go on the trip when people speak up and say, " I saw your GTO at Barrett Jackson on TV!" or "Yeah, I know about your car from the internet." The recognition for this Red GTO running on Compressed Natural Gas is growing. We both hope that the car becomes the symbol for American freedom from dependence on foreign oil.
Oh, by the way the GTO won its first car show trophy.

The photo shoot was rained out today but the photographer has asked about the possibility of doing a studio shoot Monday. That is the most exciting thing since the car was featured in a story on Barrett Jackson, Speed TV. I will keep you posted on that progress.

No post is complete with the FUN. This trip is no exception. Mark said the cruise in was AWSOME. Hundreds of car fans lined the cobblestone street in Kissimmee Saturday Night and cheered all the cars in the cruise on. He said the windows were down and people were begging him to race the engine. The GTO sounds fantastic and we are pretty sure that the slight whiff of burnt natural gas was a telltale sign that this GOAT was special.

As we are allowed to say more about the photo shoot we will keep you all posted.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Major Trip Component Located!!

Mark has been very busy this week following up on any and all leads to secure a refueling solution to help on the trip along Route 66. Another CNG powered pickup truck for sale was located and its an even better deal than the ebay truck. Its newer and only needs tanks. In talking with our friends at Tulsa Gas Technologies, a good solution would be to put a couple of very large tanks in the bed of the truck which would provide supply for the truck and have capacity to serve as a tanker. In addition Mark and I learned about the cool Tulsa Gas Technologies High Capacity Light Weight CNG trailer. This is a piece of work. Go look at the pictures at This is the ultimate backup plan for a cross country trip.

Mark and I are beginning to plan for the CNG GTO appearance out at Barber Motorsports Park. Its a perfect venue to showcase the GTO and kick off the publicity for the cross country trip that is rapidly approaching. We have plans for many friends and supporters to join us in this fun time. I will keep you posted as more details are finalized.

Finally, Mark has the listing of all the locations along Route 66 that we hope to stop at and the days. On the web site we will setup another page of Public Appearances and get that information out to you soon so you can make plans to see us along the way!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

January is over

Here is an update of some of the things that have happened since Barrett Jackson. The most important thing is that Mark and the CNG GTO stopped by Chesapeake Energy and had a great time thanks to all the hospitality of the fabulous Chesapeake team. The Vice President of the company took the CNG GTO for a spin with Mark in the front seat encouraging him to step on it! Check out our web site and follow the Facebook fan page to see the video of this fun fun ride.
The synergy with Chesapeake was amazing. They did us a huge favor and referred us to the organizer of the National Pontiac meet. He contacted us and wants the GTO to be in the national show in North Carolina. It will be immediately after out recordbreaking run across Route 66 so this summer is going to be the time of our lives.

We are happy to announce that we will be showing the GTO at Barbers Motorsport Park in March. The spring race at Talledega is another opportunity that has been extended by the Talledega Raceway Museum to show the car and meet thousands of more fans.

As you can see, so much is taking off for the effort that we are just floored. But one of the most rewarding things is the emails we are getting from our new friends who take the time to read up on our plans, get excited about the Drive to Inspire and offer to help make this dream a reality.

We are humbled by the offers of assistance and appreciate what everyone is doing to make our country free of foreign oil depencence. We have created a special place on our web site to showcase these sincere and greatly apreciated emails. We look forward to meeting all of you on Route 66 this summer. I can't wait!!