Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chip Bridges CNG GTO #2 Story


Thanks for the kind words. Just remember you guys had the guts to pull it off first, and were cool enough to document it and share it.

I remember the day I saw the first video. I was adding up the list of parts for the 455 I wanted to build, (doing the engineer thing, putting all the parts into excel and making a spreadsheet out of it). I was a little bummed about having to spend an extra $800 for custom dished pistons to lower the compression ratio for 87 octane gas to run the 670 heads I had done the year before. It was still lunch so I thought, hey lets goof off on face book. Then I saw the video of your 66 via a Pickens plan post, talk about a perfect storm. Multiple carburetion with a 66 tri-power manifold and CNG how cool is that??? search. I found the YouTube videos that explained all the technology, awesome! Another search yielded two public CNG stations at sky harbor airport. I drove out to the airport the next day; its only 12 miles from the house, I usually just take the GTO out for joy rides anyway, so the plan was formed.

Chip Bridges


Chip Bridges is converting his GTO to run on CNG!! He has completed the installation of the tank into the trunk and I hope to post the pictures soon. Next is to complete the underhood portion of the conversion. He is also using Dave from Carb and Turbo to put together the famous CNG TriCarb Kit. Its very rewarding for Mark and I both to see one more person join a grassroots effort to win back our freedom from foreign oil.

I told Chip just how much I appreciated what he was doing in an email and his reply was so inspiring that I wanted to post it here for everyone to read. He gave me permission.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Due to a nicely done press release the Fox 6 news affiliate in Birmingham sent Jonathan Hardison to do a story on the Route66GoatGas Project. Jon did a great job and produced a two minute segment that really nails our mission and puts top quality video out there on us. Thanks to Fox 6 for the wonderful coverage. The show aired on Sunday night and our Web site spiked Monday and gently returned to normal hits by the end of the week.

I had plenty of coworkers, clients and friends call me to ask about the project and it was the first time many became aware. Another friend that caught the segment was Carl Cannova of Carls Car Clinic He called and invited us to do Carl Cannova's CAR DOCTOR SHOW on WAPI Radio on Saturday.

Here is the link to the Fox 6 story.