Thursday, April 15, 2010

City of Trussville

Wednesday I had lunch with Courtney Dollar the Marketing Director with the City of Trussville. Saturday, April 17th the CNG GTO will appear at Earth Day in Trussville Alabama. Currently the City of Trussville has two CNG Honda Civics with the Green Energy style wraps as well as a couple of CNG powered Crown Victorias used by the police department. I really think Courtney sees a huge future for Trussville in the CNG field. Trussville is alreay a wonderful place to live with that safe small town feeling, and with their efforts to embrace CNG they could easily take a leading position in the emerging race for Green Cities.

Thanks to Courtney for the tour of her CNG filling station that is dedicated to the city vehicles, and supported by Phoenix Energy. I am sure I will need to update everyone about Trussville's plans for CNG as they emerge.

Barbers Motorsports Indy Race

Last weekend the CNG GTO was guest of Alagasco at the Barbers Indy Race. Also making appearances with the GTO was the Chesapeake CNG Chopper and two CNG powered Honda cars from the City of Birmingham. We appreciate all of the wonderful people that stopped by to hear about our Route 66 Trip. Thanks to Bob Strickland with Alagasco for inviting us and we greatly appreciate his support as we reach out to grass roots race fans to spread the message about our path to freedom from foreign oil. We met a new representative of Parker Hannifin, a high pressure hose and fittings company from Huntsville AL that wants to support our ongoing needs for fittings. He is fabricating our filler hose that we will use to connect between the refueling pickup truck and the GTO. It will be a six foot hose with a three way valve for venting. Its a key part of the puzzle missing now. The whole weekend was worth it just to establish this one relationship.