Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friday Update

Friday in Tulsa OK.

Friday started out in Tulsa with the largest press conference so far. We had a live broadcast on local Tulsa tv for two minutes. The camera crew spent three hours with us filming different aspects of the Goat Gas Project. Our camerman took a personal interest in the car and the story. It was his idea to mount a Hi Def camera on the hood of the car facing Mark. They drove the car from the site of the press conference at the historic Blue Dome filling station out to Tulsa Gas Technology offices. Just like Pops in Arcadia, Michael Wallis made an empassioned appeal to the huge group to get involved in Alternative Fuels and using Route 66 as the corodor for the testing. The whole group moved across the street to Dilly Deli and had a wonderful lunch together. Special thanks to Meredith Weber with Clean Cities Tulsa who made this whole wonderful event happen.

After replacing a broken voltage regulator and refueling the Goat at Tulsa Gas Technology, we hit Route 66 for a guided tour by local experts. We met at Rainbow Bridge for a photo shoot and hooked up with another fan who also has a Red 66 GTO. The two Goats traveled down Route 66 until we got to Four Ladies of Route 66, the home of the real Tow Mater. The owners are working so hard to keep the history of Route 66 alive and have started a Young Route 66 Association on Facebook. We followed the Route and our last stop was Gay Parita Sinclair Gas Station. We met Gary and had the best time exploring this amazing station. It is fully restored and has the most wonderful memorbilia. Gary gave us a Route 66 Pictorial and signed pictures of the station for all of us including each kid. Gary is a excellent example of the fact that Route 66 is really about the people you meet along the way.

We ended the day staying at the Rail Haven and eating at Georges Resturant next door.

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