Friday, July 2, 2010

Thursday Update

Thursday Morning started with breakfast at the Big Texan. We were given a tour of Amarillo's art mall by Crocodile Lile, local Route 66 expert. He gave us a guided tour thru Route 66 in Amarillo in his white 64 1/2 Mustang. We had to hit the road hard to be in Oklahoma City so we could enjoy our big event at Pops. Thanks to Ronny Oldham who left home at 3 am in order to meet us in Amarillo to refill us with CNG since Amarillo doesnt have a single CNG filling station. Ronny also worked out a fill for us at a private station owned by Apache Corporation. Thanks to everyone at the Apache station that made our fillup quick and efficient. We stopped by Cactus 112 a gas rig and met the supervisor and learned about how companies drill for natural gas. This well was just on the side of Route 66 and it was awsome to think the CNG that can turn our economy around is right here abundantly in our own country.

After a wide open last hour of pushing towards Pops in Arcadia OK, we pulled into the parking to a huge crowd of people. It was the largest we had seen so far on the trip. The Associated Press had a staff there to cover the story as well as the local tv station. The interview went well and will be forwarded to Chicago for the editors to review and publish this weekend. The official program at Pops included the famous Michael Wallis as the main speaker, the mayor of Arcadia, and Mark and I were able to address the crowd and fire them up for taking action to end our dependence on foreign oil.

If you have never seen Pops, then plan a trip immediately. It is the most amazing stop on Route 66 so far. Thanks for all that the media department at Chesapeak did to make our stop at Pops the biggest and best yet.

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