Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tuesday Wednesday Update

Tuesday Morning

Our days are falling into a pattern of waking up, doing a great breakfast at a local Route 66 resturant, driving to a series of classic Route 66 stops, meeting so many nice people that we just cannot tear ourselves away, eating lunch? at 3 or 4 pm, refueling the GTO from the fueling truck on the side of the interstate, making our destination city by 10 or 11 eating dinner at midnight and crashing for the night. It doesnt get any more action packed than that.

Tuesday Morning we met our long time internet supporter Dave Clements and his whole Natural Drive crew. We displayed Phill and two other CNG compressors on site at the Super Walmart. Lots of trailer signing and pictures made it the perfect morning. The travel during the day led us across the Arizona and New Mexico landscape to Albuquerque. In New Mexico we were welcomed by a huge party at Kellys Brew Pub just after dark and NBC was there to shoot a spot about us crossing country for the 10pm news. We owe Kellys Brew Pub a huge thankyou for the tremendous hospitality, the right out front parking spots, the delicious food, and for putting our story on the TV in the resturant. We stayed at the Hiway Inn right behind the resturant.

Wednesday morning we woke up and headed down the street a block to Mannys for breakfast. We made several trips to the Clean Energy station at the Will Rogers Airport to make sure every single tank was topped off. Our first order of business was to take everyone to the top of Sandia Mountain on the tram. If you have never experienced this place you owe it to yourself to go see it. The view is amazing. It was 10,000 feet and 45 cool degrees up top. We got down and headed towards Amarillo to see so many Route 66 sights they all started to run together. The CNG Fusion developed a slow leak in the right front tire and when we left the Route 66 Museum we stopped at Bozo's Garage. They jumped right on it and found the hole which was on the sidewall. Luckily he had one tire the exact size we needed and they put it on. We had a blast looking at the hotrods that Bozo was restoring while the tire was changed. Probably the highlight of the day was in Tucumcari New Mexico at the Safari Motel. The owners rolled out the red carpet treatment for us and we met tons of new friends. The trailer signing went artistic here with our first skull by a tattoo artist from Outlaw Tattoo's shop. We got pictures of the owners 1963 Galaxy 500 with the GTO. We took tons of pictures for twitter. We rolled into the Ambassador Hotel and ate at Fridays in the hotel at 11 pm.

I am up early on Thrusday morning to get the crew to meet Crocodile Lyle? in Amarillo.

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